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More Sandwiches
The Following Sandwiches Served with Kosher Dill and Tomato/Lettuce/Onion by request
Add Ons: Jalapenos, Kraut, Capers, Cheese $.69

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Egg Salad $7.19 each

Tuna Salad $7.69 each

Tuna Melt (your choice of cheese) $8.38 each

Tuna Reuben (Kraut & Swiss Cheese) $8.38 each

White Fish Salad $8.69 each

Baked Salmon Salad $8.69 each

Herring Salad $6.99 each

Smoked Trout Fillet $8.69 each

Nova Lox & Cream Cheese $10.69 each

Alderwood Smoke Salmon $8.69 each

Chopped Lox Spread $9.09 each

Jazzercize: Open Faced $5.39 each
Lettuce - Tomato - Onion - Muenster (Broiled)

Vegetarian Sandwich $6.69 each
Fresh Vegetables plus your choice:
Sliced Cheese - Cream Cheese - Hummus

Hummus & Tabouli $6.69 each

Veggie Burgers $7.59 each